Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Leprechaun is still missing

I was hoping Brendan would come home for St Patrick's day...but he is still out adventuring around the world.

Any tips on his whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.

Fergal has been in touch with Brendan and even has some photos of him enjoying his holiday. I am so relieved! Thank goodness for the Leprechaun to Leprechaun hotline!


Tatskool said...

He is alive and well and having a great time, wouldn't ya just know it!!!
see the leprechauns blog.

Tattycat said...

I am sorry that mischievous little Brendan decided to strike out on his own. I know you all miss him terribly. Bet he misses you too! Still, I'm glad that you have heard from him and he is having good adventures. Maybe he will continue to communicate through Fergal!