Thursday, April 23, 2009

Leprechaun sighting

I forgot to share that Brendan made a brief appearance at Shuttlebirds. I was so relieved to see him. My heart was absolutely broken when I thought I had lost him forever. I apologized for the mix up in Vietnam, he said it was quite alright as he was thinking of going off to explore on his own anyway. I asked "B" if he was ready to come home, but when he heard that I was homeless and wandering around for the summer, he decided to continue his explorations. Well, that IS what navigators/voyagers do best. As a leprechaun mother I am sad not to have him for the summer. But I cannot begrudge him his heart's desire. I am hoping that he will decide to join us in Alaska. I am even prepared to make him mittens and a nice warm jacket. He was hopping around in my Shuttlebirds slide show 2 posts back. If you would like to see Brendan for yourself, go see if you can find him.

If you are wondering what the goob I am talking about please visit

Brendan visiting an Asian Temple

Picture sent via Pam

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