Monday, April 20, 2009

What a wonderful weekend!

Shuttlebirds tatting convention is concluded for this year. It was as awesome as I ever hoped for. Since this year was my third time attending I feel like a salty old veteran by now. I do hope to attend again next year but who knows what life will bring?
I was nervous about teaching my classes but they went well enough that I suppose I wouldn't be opposed to teaching again in the future. Hee hee, I guess you'd have to ask my students though, I am afraid they were all too nice to tell me that I was a rubbish teacher.
I must say that I am THOROUGHLY exhausted! I slept 16 hours straight last night. I think it's been the jet lag plus all the excitement this week.
I need to snap out of it because I have lots to do such as:
Catch up on my favorite blogs.
Make a slide show of this weekends events.
Open my Etsy shop again.
Catch up on my blog posts.
Answer emails.....yadda is grand these days!

For now I will leave you with this loveliness:

Isn't this exquisite?


Kathy Niklewicz said...

Hello Sherry!

I didn't think you'd have enough time to blog until AFTER Shuttlebirds, and even then not until possibly Wednesday. But you already posted on the 15th and today! You are truly amazing! So glad you're back and pleased to hear you're starting to feel better, but I hope you can get some 'rest' for a few days

I'm totally amazed at Mary McCarthy's creation here! I've always wanted to learn about her 'tatting history.' She has been a prolific designer for so many years.

I'm sure your classes were appreciated by all who were lucky enough to attend.

Looking forward to following more of your travel adventures!


Gina said...

It is STUNNING! Mary McCarthy always has beautiful designs. Did you get to meet her? I would love to!

Krystle said...

Finally....I've been waiting for some chatter about shuttlebirds! You have to show me all that I missed out so I'll have no choice but to come next year :-)

Valerie said...

wow, sounds like a lot of fun, sherry. looking forward to your video on the shuttlebirds.

the hat looks superb! i love it.

Stephanie said...

Hey girl! Nice to see you around Blogworld again. I hope you took lots of pictures to show us and I want to hear all about your classes, too! How I wish I could have been there...

Unknown said...

That is absolute gorgeousness!!! Thanks for the fabulous photo! What a great "teaser"! I can't wait to see your other photos, but I will! We don't want our Lady ShuttleMaker collapsing from sheer exhaustion!!!

So glad you got to go! I'll bet your class was great! :)

tattrldy said...

Glad you're finally home and feeling better. The picture is absolutely marvelous! I'm looking for more from shuttlebirds.