Friday, August 21, 2009

I've been blessed with "MOJO"

Hiya friends! I know I've been gone awhile so I'll do a quick re-cap. I've had walking pneumonia...blech! I've been sleeping a lot from exhaustion. I am still trying to set up house. This week we finally got our shipment of household goods from Korea, so once again I have been up to my armpits in packing paper. I'm still renovating. I've had family in to visit....and by God's gracious miracle, I have been blessed with Mojo.
...No not that certain personal magical magnetism...but rather a precious little Caique guessed it...named Mojo.

You can see his cheeky personality shining through this photo.

...and here he is enjoying a walnut.

Mojo has been with us for one week now...and I couldn't have asked for an easier transition for a new pet.

This was an unexpected blessing...but I really believe this is a miracle from God the way it all transpired.

So do you want to hear the story??? Well I'm gonna tell it if you want to skip this part you better stop reading right now. But I'm telling's a pretty cool story!

I have wanted a Caique for over four years..since the very first time I read about the funny little "clown" of the parrot world. I looked around and contacted breeders but just had no luck, plus the price of this type of parrot was prohibitive to my budget...but that didn't stop me from dreaming.

Fast forward four years to last week...oh wait!....let's go back a little further than that.

I was setting up my aquarium, (one can never have too many pets can they? ...LOL) since I was in need of some fishy supplies I went to my local pet store.

Lo and behold they had a beautiful Caique parrot named Spike. I had never seen one in real life before but I knew practically everything about him.

Of course I fell in love with him instantly but there was no way I could ever afford him. Even so, I started to visit him every time I drove by the store. He was always funny and I could tell he liked me...well...all birds like me...LOL... I AM the quintessential bird person after all.

Anyways, I had family in town and they kept me even busier than I already had been. It was evening and everyone was winding down...except for me.... I needed to swing by the Home Depot yet again for more renovation supplies.

So out I go for some much needed personal space. And wouldn't you know it?...the Home Depot just happens to be right by the Pet Store! Sooooo of course I HAD to make a pit stop to visit my new friend, ....ahem,... totally unplanned of course.

It was 20 minutes before closing time. I went right in to see Spike and on my way I spotted two store employees playing with another Caique. Of course I gasped, went right over and blurted out "another one?!?!?."

I preceded to share how much I loved Caiques and how long I have wanted one. The couple (I soon learned these store employees are married to one another) let me play with the was so cute and cuddly and of course it took to me right away! LOL! But I was soon disappointed to learn that this parrot was their very own Caique and they had just brought her in to play with her best friend Spike.

So the conversation turned back to Spike and I told them how many times I had come in to see him. They said, "Well you know he is leaving the store tomorrow right?" I said, "Oh No! Where is he going?" They told me since he hadn't sold for so long they were shipping him to a different store.

They also said, he was on sale for 1/2 price! WHAT?!?!?!!?

My eyes got big and I said, "but I didn't see a sale sign". They said that was because they were very picky about who he would end up with since his price was low.

They could tell how excited I was getting and they proceeded to talk me into buying him. Of course this was a HUGE decision, I mean, I have a husband that needed to be part of the decision making process, I also have a cat...and a bird DOG no less. Furthermore, these parrots can live up to 40 with all these factors, this was NOT a decision to be made lightly.
I told them I would go home, talk to the hubby, and give them a call the next day.
I did just that. Hubby and I talked about it all that night, and even though DH had his doubts he gave his blessing.
I woke up the next day resigned to the thought that I could not take him...I just didn't need the extra burden.
I dropped by the store anyway to tell them my decision in person. Of course they were disappointed but they encouraged me to handle him for awhile anyway. Up to this point I had only talked to Spike through plexi-glass. They took him out, and I spent some one on one time with him, and that's all it took, I was hopelessly enamoured with him! I would not let him go to some random person who clearly could not love him as much as I could. He was scheduled to leave the store that afternoon. I asked the manager if he would PLEASE keep Spike one more day so that my husband could come by and handle him. They were happy to oblige. I brought my husband in that evening and he handled Spike. They walked around the store together, whistling all the while. DH came back to me and said, "He is coming home with us!" Spike had captured my hubby's heart too! YAY!!!

So that's it! I went home and set up his cage and toys (all of which I already owned) and we brought him home the next day....which just so happened to be his......WAIT FOR year birthday!
Since we already have a Spike in the family we decided to name him Mojo...because he is a magical little dude.

We have had him just one week now, but it feels like he has always been with us. He fits in soooo nicely and is no extra trouble at all. He gets along with both the cat and the dog..and he is just the most curious loving little guy ever!

He has already learned two words this week, "Step up" and "Uh Oh!", He does the wolf whistle every time you walk in and he wants to eat anything he sees you eating.

Oh...what a spot of sunshine! Now you can see why I think he is a blessing from God! Only God knew how much and how long I desired a bird like this and He made the way for Mojo to come into our lives so unexpectedly!

I feel a Mojo colored Hand Dyed Thread on the horizon...... LOL!

Sorry this isn't tatting related...but everything I am doing with tatting right now is TOP SECRET!!!

Stay Tuned...


Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

Wow! What a beautiful bird! Congratulations on the new addition to your family :)


rainbows and raindrops said...

what a lovely happy ending for precious spi.. i mean Mojo. He is a little gem!

Ladytats said...

Sherry, nothing that can bring you that kind of joy could be a burden. and it sounds like you were destined to take in this little guy.
have fun teaching him. It will be interesting if he learns to speak "tatting" as well as American english LOL

Stephanie said...

What a fantastic story! It was destiny, no doubt about that. Judging from the little guy's picture, 'Mojo' will make a fantastic HDT.

The word verification for this comment is 'stork'. Heh, more bird stuff!

Oh, and hope you're feeling 100% soon.

Unknown said...

What a cute story! Yes, those store owners had to "twist your rubber arm" didn't they? Mojo is a cute bird and I am glad you all have each other now!
Have a fabulous weekend!

~TattingChic ♥

Umintsuru said...

It was just , Sherry.

ancolie said...

how you have chance! I dream d' for a long time; to have a parrot of Gabon, but they are rare and expensive too. I wish you much happiness with your small parrot !
ancolie from France

Katherine said...

This story brought a lump to my is certainly time you guys had some good luck for a change. I hope he marks the beginning of a better time for you and your family!

Shannan said...

He's beautiful! Congratulations!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Somehow, I think this is a tatting related story... I picture some Mojo thread in the near future!

battatter said...

I love the bird story! Mojo is sooo cute! I love birds too, but I am too old to get one that lives that long. Your new baby is a delight!! Congrats!

Kathy Niklewicz said...


WOW! This story has SO MUCH in it! First of all, you had me hanging on the edge of my seat as this drama unfolded! Great writing skills - and photos! Then I was all teary-eyed that you and Spike (Mojo) got together at last!

And all this happening in the middle of everything else going on in your life - including walking pneumonia (which I had as a teenager - walked around feeling OK but coughing like crazy. I got it from marching in a 'Christmas' parade when it snowed - twirling my baton!)

You haven't said how the cat and dog are reacting! Should I be worried about the dog?!! :)

I'm so glad you have MOJO in your life and can't wait to see the HDT named for him! And obviously I'm curious about what's TOP SECRET!

Viv said...

He's adorable and seems to fit in w/ all of you so welll...finding the perfect pet fit is always a joy :) I just gave me old fish to someone who he fits w/ so much better and i'm thrilled :)

Can't WAIT to see what he manages to inspire thread wise.....

Krystle said...

Top secret tatting? Do I smell a book?

Tattycat said...

Congratulations to all of you, especially to Mojo - the luckiest little bird in the world! Bill and I used to have a house full of birds. I am sure you will all be very happy.

Bonnie said...

Congratulations to your family on the newest member!

Unknown said...

Yes Sherry, Some pets come into our lives because they were meant to be. They are the one's that are extra special. As an owner of 4 parrots I know that Mojo will bring a lot of joy and special moments to your lives. Email me at so we can talk further about MOJO.

Tatskool said...

He is gorgeous, congratulations. Hope he will get you feeling better about life.

Marty said...

He's a charming little guy, Sherry! I can't wait to see the Mojo thread.

tattrldy said...

Mojo is sooo cute! Congratulations on the new addition to the family. And I hope you get healthy and stay that way.

Unknown said...

Hey Sherry! You and others have already said it, but as soon as I saw Mojo's picture, I thought HDT! He's beautiful and the colors would make a great colorway.
Hope you feel better soon.

Susanne said...

Congratulations, Mojo is a beautiful bird and I just love the look in his eye - I think he will be a lot of fun. And he will help you get well again.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Mojo is a Beautiful bird. Congratulations! I'm sure you will have lots of fun with him. Birds have so much personality. I have 2 cockatiels and enjoy them so much.

TAT19540 said...

Birds are GREAT! They hold a special place in our hearts. I don't know how I could cope without my 'babies'. I'm happy you have a fine feathered friend to share your life! After all now you are the aminal lover that DOES have everything! Lol. Congrats.( Cute story I hope you write it done for your journel you need to keep on your pets- after all they are family.) Thanks for sharing.

Nancy G said...

How beautiful! I know he will bring you lots of joy!

Kathy said...

What a blessing indeed from God who knows all the desires of our heart. So glad you shared the story about Mojo and I am so happy for you to have Mojo in your life (DH too).

SY said...

This is a very neat story! Mojo is gorgeous, I love his peachy/orange head! I hope you are feeling better, take care of yourself Sherry and God Bless!

Sally Kerson said...

Just read your post and so envy you. Have seen many parrots in pet shops and even visited peoples homes with them in and have been enthralled with their characters. So pleased you have Mojo, he is so beautiful. Hope to hear more Mojo tales in the future. You must tat Mary Parrott's parrot pattern!!!