Thursday, August 6, 2009

0 or 60...

It's seems that I live my life going either 0mph or 60mph. Why can't I just mosey along at 25mph, enjoy the scenery and just get there when I get there?

With moving, unpacking, uncertainty and desperately trying to get my life back into a steady rhythm, I have been going going going. Taking a mini break last week was just wonderful but for some reason, when I got back home and faced all the work that I had left behind, my body just shut down.

Does this ever happen to anyone else out there? It happens to me a couple times a year. When I mean shut down I mean I go to sleep and don't wake up for a day or two. It's very frustrating. That is what happened to me this week and I am still quite exhausted.

Anyhow, my new friend Noreen at Hankering For Yarn did an artist profile on me. I think it is just lovely and was a lot of fun to do. Please go check it out and leave a comment to let her know you stopped by.

I have a LOT of things in the works right now including new tatting patterns etc. So please stay tuned. Once I get settled I will keep this blog updated more frequently.

In the meantime, I dyed a new colorway call "Confetti Sprinkles". I hope you like it.


14 comments: said...

wow, amazing about your "shutdown" time..he..he..1 or 2 days,..along in sleep..!!
so impressed,..confetti sprinkles..!
i like it, bright n clorfull

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Yes, I have shut down a few times. I guess it's nature's way of saying, "Take a break!"

The interview with Noreen was terrific! I'm glad that other's will get to know about your wonderful talents through her blog.

The new colorway is beautiful! I'm off to Etsy!

sewmuchfun4 said...

Sleep for a day or two? Sounds nice - but then not so much since it isn't at a time of your choosing. Maybe the last week of unwinding allowed you to let go of the adrenaline or whatever it is that has kept you going the last few months.

What a nice profile of you on Hankering for Yarn! I enjoyed reading it. And I like your Confetti Sprinkles colorway - it is VERY pretty!

Hoping things move at a saunter for you for a while,

Ridgewoman said...

Oh yes, I experienced a 'shut down' when I arrived home from our month vacation. The 'lift' is getting away from pressing demands; the 'shut down' is coming home to face them again.
Sleep is good therapy. I always say that I'm fortunate because when I've experienced great pain; I just go to sleep! I think it's my 'avoidance' mechanism. LOL

Not weird, just human!
hugs 'grandma' Bev

Tatfully Yours said...

I do know what you mean about going, going, going!!!! I somehow got talked into hosting the family get together this year and the work has started. All my kitchen cupboards inside and out have been cleaned along with the oven. And now we are repainting doors and trim in the house top to bottom. Still alots more to do before the 22nd. But I'm still trying to make time for tatting. Just love your "Confetti Sprinkles"
Try not to over do things. I've learned that they will be still there tomorrow.LOL

Zarina said...

I took leave yesterday to bring my mum to her doctor's appointment. Instead of working on the stuff I brought along, I took naps. Then we went to a flora exhibition and bought loads of orchids. i was suppose to make new HDTs and work on my sis' quilt later that night. Instead, as soon reaching home and taking a wash (after another nap), slept till the next morning. We need does 0 mph to get us through the next round of 60.

Ladytats said...

glad you had a good time on your vacation, and a good nap when you got home. your creative juices just needed rechargeing and as your confetti sprinkles show you are up and running.
we are looking forward to your new threads, shuttles and patterns.
Happy Tatting.

Valerie said...

you are no unusual, sherry. i get into these modes too. to me, though, sleeping off all the 'tireness' is not a waste of time. the body just needs time off. better than falling ill and experience physical aches. hope you are fine now.

looking out for your new patterns... when i get back from seoul. will be off this evening. :)

Viv said...

I do the same thing sleep wise. After a few crazy weeks at scool w/ the high schoolers I'll crash a couple days from 6opm to 6am!!

ANd I just got my first order of thread from your store and LOVE I just have to come up w/ a project for it :)

Unknown said...

I hope you are starting to feel better, Sherry! :)
Congrats on your profile. I hope it's brought some new tatting friends to your blog. :)

Tatskool said...

The profile was brilliant and well deserved. I do get overtired but never shut down for such a great length of time. Sounds like you need these shut downs. Hope you find the 25mph solution and that you get to stay home.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Hi Sherry, I hope you are feeling better and more rested by now.

I enjoyed reading your profile.

I was wondering if your Korean friends have kept up with their tatting? Do you hear from them or is it too much of a Language barrier?

Love the colors in your new HDT!!

Have a great day!

Tattycat said...

The artist profile is great. That picture is precious of you. I'm so glad you got to do this. I love the new thread. You are ever tempting me! Yes, I do get broken and have to recharge periodically. Completely normal!

Barbara Gordon said...

Your theme is so pretty! I love the last thread and I like the bird to..I'll take one of each...? Hope your doing better now, I have those quite a few times myself.