Thursday, October 22, 2009

Keeping on....

I ran out of hooks but that hasn't stopped me from decorating is a preview of what is to come.

Me being me, I absolutely HAVE to decorate each hook pen uniquely...can't keep them plain or make several of the same....just can't do it! These are a lot like my ceramic shuttles that way. See the "Pin up" girl, the Sunflower princess and a church landscape? I included a close up of the cherub? Each of these have neat little details and special touches.

Just like everything I do, these are made with the most top notch materials I can find. I do not cut corners, nor do I go the cheap route when it comes to my creations. These have stainless steel hooks and the pen casing is very strong.

...needless to say I am making very little profit on these...I am doing it mostly for fun.

These are currently listed in the shop, I will be listing a couple more this week. Since I am out of hooks it may be awhile before more are listed.


Valerie said...

hi sherry

love your new creation. i blogged a little about these retractable hooks on my last post. swift business!

Unknown said...

Cool new hook pens designs!

Imoshen said...

I just bought the dark iris hook pen along with some thread...can't wait to get my hands on