Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tatting Hook Size Chart

New hook pens are being listed nearly everyday to the shop. I have included this picture to give you an idea the differences between the hook sizes. Size 9 (my largest) is perfect for sizes 10, & 20 thread all the way down to size 14(my smallest) which is great for sizes 80 & 100...and of course there is everything in between.

I am firing my kiln for the first time in FOREVER today, so if all goes well we will have tatting shuttles available next week.


Miranda said...

I'm curious how that purple, green, and white edging is made. Is it one of your designs? Is there a pattern available?

Isdihara said...

Wow, thanks for the hook size chart! (Wishing I had seen something like this a few weeks ago when I purchased a 0.55 mm crochet hook.) It is so tiny it could be classified as a lethal weapon.

Oh, and for the record it is great for bobbin lace, but too small for anything but size 100 thread...I keep shredding my tatting cotton when I attempt to use it.

Crossing my fingers, toes, arms, legs, hair and eyes that everything goes well with your first kiln firing. A momentious event!!

singtatter said...

Great to know you are back to your self, and working hard!

Ridgetatter said...

ohhh can hardly wait to see what comes out of the kiln. When we order the hook pens can we specify the size hook we'd like? I know, I have mine already; but, just wondered. Love my sunflower and ordered 2 more for exchange packages.
hugs, "Gram"

Tatteristic! said...

Great post about hook sizes. Thanks! Glad to hear you're using the kiln again. I hope that means you're feeling better.