Friday, January 22, 2010

Honoring Mary Konior

Our beloved Mary Konior has passed away.
I typed "Mary Konior" into my blog search and was surprised at how many times I have posted about her and her patterns. All those posts can be found here.
I was fortunate enough to have viewed lace tatted by her own hands, but not fortunate enough to ever have met her in person even though it had been a secret wish these last few years to do so. I hope she knows that she has inspired a whole new generation of tatters and that tatting is going strong and GROWING strong with a great deal of that credit belonging to her.

This photo is not new to my blog but it remains one of my favorite tatted pieces I have ever done. This cross is now in the home of another very special lady. So the love just keeps spreading.
Thank you Mary!


Ridgewoman said...

That is a lovely cross. Lucky Owner! Do you have a lot of snow? We have all kinds of snow falling and collecting ~ apparently until next Sunday. It is very cold but really beautiful. I love the big, fluffy snowflakes…

Ridgewoman said...

Thank you for joining in remembering Mary today
That is a lovely cross.
We have those beautiful, big, fluffy snowflakes that are falling here. Just glad I'm inside, not outside because is really cold. And, none of us have real snow clothes. It so seldom gets this cold or snows this much. lOL

Crazy Mom! said...

THis is one of my all time favorite patterns. I tat it over and over, and give it away.

Love the colors!

I'm sorry a great designer has passed on.