Sunday, January 24, 2010

Too excited...MUST SHARE!! ..and my progressing GRAY hair

I have been busy busy busy! I am stopping for a few minutes to share a little of what I have been up to.
I am mixing up my working media with Ceramics, Silver, Copper, Glass, and Jewels.

Whoo hoo!!! What fun!

I am also dyeing my threads like a maniac. We have a new batch of "ENCHANTMENT". It is one of my new favorites to tat with.
...and I am working on re-stocking my silks in SOLID colorways....and guess what?!?!? I will be adding ecru and white silk as well! That was Brenda's idea...she is such a practical leprechaun lass!

My husband is home again for a short time. We are trying to enjoy each others company but it is difficult when he works (and this is NOT and exaggeration) 15 hour days.
He looked at me the other day and said, "Did you get your hair highlighted?"...and I said "WHAT?!?!!? that is just NEW gray hair that has sprouted up."

Someday soon my hair will look like this..... and yes...I will most likely have a leprechaun living in my hair too!


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited that your excited. Enjoy your Hubby's time together as much as you can. Happy Day or shall I say Evening!

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! I love Enchantment! Can't wait to see your new shuttles!

Ridgetatter said...

Your enthusiasm is contagious. Someday I'd like to see a nice, creamy color; and, I'm glad you are making some more solids. Will love mixing those with my variegated silks.
Leonidas is 'begging for a piece of pizza! He is the neatest dog; he is loving all the snow here. Heaviest snow we've ever had…and icicles over a ft long! Feel as though I should live in a Chalet and have snowshoes hanging on the porch. I should have DH get my big sled out of the basement! LOL
xxxx Grams

TypsTatting said...

Just love the new colour Enchantment,and cant wait to see the new shuttles. Also enjoy the time with your hubby!!!!!!!!!!!

Val said...

hey sherry, i'm totally curious about what u r up to with the different media–ceramics, silver, copper, glass and jewels! i suspect it's in the new batch of shuttles...

great that u r busy and enjoying it.

Fox said...

I came; I saw; I bought.... enchantment! Gorgeous colour! You are a magician with the palette!
Fox : ))

Clyde said...

Sherry, It is woderful to see you full of joy and your creative spirit flowing so well. Enjoy.

Carol Lawecki said...

Sherry--- your enthusiasm and excitement is catchy! I can't wait to see what you have been designing with silver, glass, & ceramic. Very intriguing.

Enchantment is a great name for this soft colorway, which is sooo pretty!!

Have fun with DH while he is home.

Tatskool said...

A delightful post, Brenda is obviously good for or out of your hair.
Don't work too hard.