Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Awww Crummy!!!

It's a lame day. Hubby is gone again...BOOOOO! I am going to vent for a if you don't want to hear it...avert thine eyes and skip to bottom of page!

I am SOOOO sick of the military life! I HATE IT! When hubby is home he works 15 hours a day 6 days a week! No kidding! Is he even remotely adequately compensated for that kind of hard work??? NOPE! My husband has a very dangerous job where he puts his life on the line everyday in order to protect all of us. DH gets paid the same as the guys who sits at his desk all day, takes two hour lunches and goes home at 5:00pm.
What I wouldn't give to have my DH home at the same time every day?!?! I dream of sitting at the table together for dinner....they are so few and so rare....that a dinner at home with my DH is like an Haley's Comet sighting
You married people out there who have regular schedules....take stock and be grateful!
This has been my life for the last 10 years, so I think I have earned the right to say that I am tired of all of it! Tired of doing everything by myself, tired of moving all the time, tired of living life "on hold", tired of wondering when I'm going to get the phone call that hubby will never come.
I had to get up early this morning after crying all day yesterday and see my hubby off once again. He is gone more than he is home and when he is home he may as well be gone!
I didn't get married to be all alone....and I just don't think I can take another 10 years of this CRAP!
Could it be worse?? Of course, isn't that what people say when things suck??? "It could be worse." What a stupid, useless thing to say. I am just finally expressing what thousands of other military spouses feel.

...and now I am done. I am sure I will feel better tomorrow.

So for those who have skipped past the ever so necessary rant (I mean do you really think I should hold all THAT in???)

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