Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tatting for State Fair

I tatted a meandering edge to finish this doily. It needs a good blocking, but I'll get around to that when I get around to it.
This pregnancy has slowed me WAAAAAYYYY down but I am sure that is probably something I needed in my life anyway.
So the good news is that I did NOT end up in the hospital again this week. Halllleighluuujah!
I go in for weekly evaluations, ultra sounds, measurements, etc, with my fetal medicine team...and yes they are a wonder team. I really do feel like I am in good hands.
Since my cervix is doing such a good job of not getting shorter they upgraded me from bed rest to "light activity". It is just a trial for this week to see what happens, but I am hoping this means a positive upward trend.
I don't even know what "light activity" means. To me it means I can bust a move back to the studio....but very "lightly" of course.
I was also able to do a little laundry, dishes, and even prepare dinner for DH. I almost feel like a normal human again.
My belly is getting huge. It really does literally look like I am sporting a basket ball in there. Soooo funny!
I'll see if I can get some belly pics posted soon.

So I found out that the theme for our State Fair is "A Barnyard Ball". That means I get the chance to bust out Tatted Animals, Tatting Farm Animals, maybe some items from New Critters On the Block, Animal Bookmarks, A Tatted Zoo, and most likely a pattern or two from our beloved Jane Eborall.
Is this exciting or what?!?!? I have so many ideas!


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I LOVE the blue edge! ...and to think I thought this doily was finished!

Have fun tatting for the state fair! I hope to get back to tatting soon!

Tatskool said...

It's all so exciting, but don't overdo it.

Tatfully Yours said...

I am sooooooooooooooooo happy to hear that things are taking a turn up!!!!!! But still do not over do things (oh, oh mommie voice again!!)

Marty said...

Hooray!! Glad to hear you're not lounging around in bed or in the hospital again. I love the blue edge on the doily. Our state fair has a really dumb theme this year -- it's "Uncommonly Good". Duh, how do you tat to that? EVERYTHING I do is uncommonly good!

Fox said...

Loving that blue edge! Glad to hear you are a little better!
patippFox : )

tattrldy said...

So glad to hear you are doing better. May it just keep getting better from here on out. It's good that you have the energy and enthusiasm to get excited about getting tatting done for the fair - a sign you must be feeling better: )
Have a "ball" with your tatting!!

Ridgewoman said...

I would suppose "light activity' to be making dinner but not being on your feet overly much, not lifting anything heavy and no snowboarding. LOL I'm thrilled you are on light activity. Isn't it great to feel 'normal'?
When I go to Tucson and can breathe easier; I feel almost normal. So I know what you mean.

Just don't overdo your new freedoms…love you


umintsuru said...

Your structured randomness is lovely. Pretty colours too. So happy to hear you are doing much better!!

Josie Passell said...

So pleased things are heading in the right direction at last, do take it steady though not too much standing, the doily is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Yay, you've upgraded to light activity!!

Two words of advice: Be Careful!

A dear friend of mine recently suffered a stroke and was hospitalized and confined to the bed. A week later, was feeling/doing better and was so happy he overdid it... and had to be back on bed-rest.
Can't wait to see some baby bump pics!!

Sounds like the State Fair is going to be loads of fun!!

Take care,

BSOTF said...

Your doily is wonderful! "Light activity" means you can tatt all you want for the fair. But you still have to take it easy. Your whole family are still in my pray. Don't over due it. Yes, it's wonderful to hear that you didn't go in the hospital this week. But we can't do any dribbling that basket ball. Once the baby is born, then you & your husband can jump up & down for joy. Which you will be jumping alot for the little bundle of joy. But she's going to be worth it!

Miranda said...

Woooo-hooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something is working! Still praying for you.

Kathy said...

Wonderful news an upgrade to light duty. That means DO NOT OVERDO IT. Still rest a lot. Good your starting to feel normal again. Praise the Lord!