Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fair Results ...and could I possibly be any crankier?!?!?

Out of seven entries I took 3 First Place ribbons and 3 Second Place ribbons.
Only three out of the seven entries competed against other tatting...everything else competed on a much larger scale. I think the ribbon I am most proud of is the second place ribbon I got for the tatted barnyard scene. That entry competed against a very broad spectrum of "Theme" related items, including things like quilts, cakes etc. The winner in this category is the awesome quilt shown below. I didn't mind in the least taking second place to it.

I took a first for Iris Niebach's TIAS doily which competed in the tatting category, but I took nothing for my original daisy doily design which competed against all doilies of every method of making. I got a first in "miniatures" with my "Prima" butterfly from The Exquisite Collection of Tatted Butterflies. And another first for an original pineapple bookmark design I have been working on...pattern to be released at a later date. I took second place ribbons for both of my tatted necklaces, one competed against all things beaded and one in the wearable tatting accessory category. It came in second to a pair of tatted baby booties.
...and that is that! Overall, I am very pleased.

Now on to my crankiness. Seriously, I have ran the gamut of pregnancy related "issues" and the latest has kept me up for the last five nights in a row. A pregnancy hormone called relaxin is released in one's body which causes joints to spread making way for the "big arrival". Unfortunately, if you have had any previous injuries in your life, the pain of those injuries are "re-lived" during this process. I have broken so many bones in so many places of my body...and experiencing the pain of that all over again and at the same time is excruciating. Here is a short list of bones I have broken: pelvis in two places, tail bone 3 times, back 2 times, leg, foot, fingers and toes.
So yes, I am miss cranky pants! Wanna fight about it? Ughh!! I can't wait until this is over with!


mpence said...

I can at least sympathize a little bit...my foot gets pretty intense during the last weeks of pregnancy! But it really is all worth it in the end!

You are doing a great job! What a blessing to be here, not with a preemie in the hospital after all the preterm labor issue stuff you faced! Praying for strength during this last part of pregnancy! You can do it!

Isdihara said...

Goodness, I had no idea that the pregnancy hormone relaxin caused previous broken bone pains to resurface. I do remember being extra clumsy after my joints had spread! You poor, poor dear!

Your fair entries (and their accompanying ribbons) are impressive! Everything looks so polished and perfect.

Thanks for sharing it all.

Eliz (tatknot) said...

Congratulations on your fair ribbons. I'm glad you ware able to see all the competition, too. Sounds like there were some wonderful pieces on display.

As to the aches and pains, I sympathize. These things have a way of making us look forward to birthing, don't they? When you go into labor, you'll be grateful for that relaxin. ;)

Lily said...

I'm happy for you.. winning all those ribbons.

I'm sorry you're having grumpy-days... it sounds like you could be in the running for most bones broken... well, maybe second to Evil Knevil :-D

Hope my little joke above isn't too corny, and brought a smile to your face.. I really do feel your pain!

Ridgewoman said...

ROTFLMBO…sorry, I can't help but laugh! I'm always glad when you have an 'upbeat' blog. Kudos on the wins; and, you are right! Sometimes those second place ribbons ARE worth more than a first. I won a first and a trophy for a Bred by Exhibitor at a Seattle dog show; but, I was the only entry! LOL I was proud of my 6 month old puppy going all the way from puppy class to 4th in the hound group ~ against the Champions (including her Daddy). So I was proud of her Daddy's second place to Zephyr, because the whole thing is to improve with the next generation.
Broken bones aching. Ah yes! I've had the broken (in two pieces) pelvis, broken tail bone, broken nose, broken toes (don't ask, it was SO uber stupid), and fractured thigh and torn spleen. It is great for forecasting upcoming weather changes; and, again you are correct….hurts like hades.
People keep telling you it will be worth it ~ I'm not to sure about that as children bring their own crisis as they grow up! LOL I've not decided whether it was 'worth it' to have 3 daughters. I DO KNOW that my granddaughter and grandson are the frosting on the cake. 'Course you have to remember that I would have been 'child free' had I had a choice back then! But DH is definitely a 'family' sort of person. What can one do? LOL But I was SO fortunate. No morning sickness, became very flexible, grew big as a house, more milk than an Ayrshire! A size 9 six weeks after delivery; I almost felt as though I had to apologize for having such easy pregnancies. However, the delivery of 9 pound girls who often came feet first made up for the easy 9 months.
I think of you every day….I'm so glad you did get to participate in something fun and have ribbons to boot. love, grams (need someone to have a good chat with today ~ LOL)

God's Kid said...

Congratulations on all the wonderful ribbons! Everything looks like winners to me! :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Congratulations on all your ribbons, Miss Cranky Pants! Just remember... this too shall pass, and you'll have a sweet little bundle of joy.

Tatfully Yours said...

Excellent, excellent job on your ribbons!!!! I have not thought about entering a fair. Maybe I`ll check out this years, in the next town, and look into entering next year. You never know!!!

Donna said...

And, what were you up to when the bones got broke? My guess is something wacky, wild, exciting & fun! Jot the memory down. You might find a good laugh.

Congrats on the ribbons.

Ladytats said...

Congrats Sherry on your fair wins, you did very well. and the fact that you actually had other tatted items to compete against was wonderful. that isn't always the case, so you did really well.
as for the pains, ah well, not much fun, and the crankiness, just blame it on hormones the all encompassing pregnancy excuse (tee hee) I know it hurts, and wish I was there to help, maybe ask DH for a massage?
I will continue to pray that all goes well. Blessings on you, DH and Picadilly now and always.

Jeff Hamilton said...

Congratulations on your wins! I love the pineapple bookmark. Looking forward to the pattern.

Now, about the last part. Um, I didn't know that happened during pregnancy. Makes sense, but still. Good luck, and hoping for the best.

So glad I'm a guy, so glad I'm a guy.....

(Seriously, you ladies are the best!)

Kelly said...

Congrats on your ribbons. Very well done!

egads, you have lived a busy life with all those broken bones, and if they are all revisiting you at the same time. I'd say you have every right to be cranky. Hope that settles down soon!

Marty said...

Whoa, Sherry! Maybe it's a good thing you slowed down -- are those boarding injuries? Makes me glad my contact with snow sports is usually on the seat of my pants with an innertube! With all the grief this baby has given you for all these months, maybe it means after she's born she'll be a breeze. Well, you can hope!
As for the fair ribbons -- aren't they great?! Congratulations on placing at the top of the fair. Your things are so pretty and well presented (I love the barn picture). I think tatting frequently takes a back-seat to other lace forms with which judges are more familiar, so that getting a ribbon at all is a big win! Then, too, sometimes I forget that there are things entered in the fair that don't get a ribbon at all. It's good to be in the top of the heap, eh? ;)

Quayceetatter said...

Congrats on the blue and red ribbons at the fair. I admire one in your condition to take the time and submit your entries. I do like the barn also!!!
Hugs and Prayers are going your way! Cann't wait to see this new baby!!!
Linda NM

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Wow! I am no longer going to complain about the occasional stiffness I get in my knuckles and fingers, associated with my 'broken wrists' from eight years ago.

I know you mentioned having broken a few bones from your snowboarding years, but I had no idea you had so MANY serious injuries! I'm amazed how you've been able to function after all that! I've never heard of this 'relaxin' thing. Kind of a 'misnomer' in your case!

Congratulations on the ribbons! They seem to be fairly judged except for the 'free form' doily. I think it is amazing how you got it to 'work out' and to look so 'natural' as a design, without being symmetrical. I don't think they realized how clever and unique it is!

Thanks again for keeping us all posted - the good and the bad. We're all pulling for you!