Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Monday MONDO Giveaway Part XIV WINNER!!!!

I entered all participants of my Random Monday Mondo Giveaway into an Excel spread sheet. Everyone was assigned a different number and those who were eligible for two entries were assigned two numbers. I then used a random number generator to randomly pick the winning numbers and this week's winner is RED.
RED, I don't know who you are and am unable to access your blogger profile, so I am unable to contact you. Please email your contact information so that I can mail your prize to you.

If I do not hear from Red by Monday Aug 9th, I will draw again.

Stay tuned for there will be more Random Monday giveaways coming soon!


Marty said...

Awwww. Tell you what. If RED doesn't contact you, I'm certainly willing to become RED. :)

How are you and Picadilly doing?

Red said...

I fixed the profile. I didn't realized that I hadn't even set it up!

connie said...

What a lovely little baby bump.
Picadilly is sure to be a delicate new human being.
Keep talking to her and encouraging her,(can you tell I've had ten years of newborn/delivery room experience in my past?