Saturday, March 3, 2012

Have you seen this cheese?

We just did our big biweekly grocery shopping and Mrs. P fell in love with a 5 lb. block of cheese. So as we were shopping she was allowed to hold it. She didn't even want to give it up for the second it took the checker to scan it. She tenderly cradled it the entire drive home.
Somewhere between unloading all the groceries and taking care of Miss P, the cheese was left in her car seat overnight.
I found it the next morning while loading Miss P back into the car, so I set the cheese on the roof while I buckled her in.....and that was the last time it was seen.
When hubby came home from work we drove the circuit looking for it until night fell, searching high and low. Calling it's name. Asking strangers if they had seen it.
So today we are going to put up these posters in hope that our cheese will come home.
We are very hungry!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Chuckle, chuckle! We did the same thing with a basket filled with Christmas presents one year. Luckily our apartment manager recognized my gifts and called me at my parents' house.

I hope someone worthy finds the cheese!

Jane Eborall said...

That's SO, SO sad. I'm crying in sympathy for your loss. Don't worry it'll soon be so 'high' you'll be able to track it by it's smell!!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I was amused reading this, but I'm sorry you (and Miss P) missed out on your cheese!

Many years ago, I put something on top of our station wagon - a wood sign I had carefully lettered to hang off our lamp post. It had blown off the post in a windstorm. The wagon was in the garage, and I put the sign on top of it, for 'safe keeping' We went to the movies that night and we worried about the 'funny sound' coming from the car (hoping it wasn't some major car issue). Went round a bend off the parkway and no more sound. (good).
Came home, saw the sign was missing from the pole. A plus B equals C. Retraced our route in daylight. Sign was in shards (in a grassy area near the bend) after being run over when it fell off our car. I 'rescued' a piece of it, as a remembrance. But cheese is another issue, being a food!

Maureen said...

At first I thought it was a new thread colour!!
And not quite as bad as driving up the hill, unaware that the cat was fast asleep on the roof of the car - she hung on for a good half mile until passers-by managed to alert us.....

Ladytats said...

oh no, I have a story at the opposite end of the spectrum. actually it happened to a co-worker, her children had been out in the yard playing with a golf club. put it on the back bumper of the suv. and went in for supper and bed. She drove to town the next day, and needed to stop at the grocery store. coming out of the store noticed something on the bumper, it was the golf club. still sitting there. she had to make several turns and corners and up and down hills on her trip.
strange things happen.
hope you get your cheese back.

***Jon**** said...

In my case, it is more like something stuck to the grill of my car.
Over here, with the sun always (almost) shining, we hang our laundry to dry. Being a windy day, one day, and I did not pin the clothes properly on the line, one of them was blown away and landed on the grill of my car. When I was going out, I just got in and drove off, only realising the clothe stuck on the grill when I reached my destination.

Maureen may have something there .. it does look good as a thread colour, very sunny and bright, and you can call it Cheesy Miss P.

AlanaTatter said...

That made me giggle, and also sigh for Miss P.'s loss. Hope the cheese is found soon!

Margarets designer cards said...

Well I have had a good laugh, I can just see you driving away with it on the roof and then it flies off, I feel sorry for miss p. it nice to know that the younger members of your household like something grown up.

I hope the cheese finds its way home


Tats said...

We have found your cheese my dear, we have it safely tucked away! Send 5 Million in shuttles wrapped in unmarked skeins of HDT or the cheese gets it!
(Ransom pictures to follow, on my blog) Mwahahaha!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Ha ha Tats!!!! I added you to my blog roll...can I have my cheese back now?

Tats said...

The cheese is mine, I say-MINE!!!
It sadly met with a grisly end...