Thursday, March 1, 2012

This and Tat

Last shuttle with blue leaves.

This came out of the kiln this morning. I'll have more shuttles from another firing tomorrow but they will be different. ...and yes Diane, I am working on some all cobalt blue shuttles. (wink wink)

This is the shuttle I have decided to keep for myself. It is tawny and blue. Tawny is one of my favorite colors, it is so mellow.

I had occassion to use this beading needle today. It was given to me by our late Gina. I love it and was wondering if anyone recognizes it and knows where another can be purchased? It is hard to see by the scan but it does have an eye loop at the bottom. It is really nifty.

I am revisiting an old pattern that I designed called "Bleeding Heart". I wonder if anyone remembers that post? Anyhow, I have spent several hours today trying to figure out how the goob I tatted that thing. I must be some kind of mad genius....(sarcasm)! My mind is a mystery unto itself.
At the time of the designing I did take notes and diagrams but all that was lost with my last computer crash.
Thankfully I still have the actual tatting so I spent hours just staring at it, scratching my cranium. I finally figured it out though case anyone wants to know.


** jess! ** said...

That looks like the one I have for my bead spinner. I have seen then at Joanns, they are by Beadalon.
(I like them too)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love the shuttle at the top as well as the one you chose to keep for yourself. I can't say that I blame you for keeping that one... it's gorgeous!

I have purchased beading needles like that at Michaels. However, I've given up on beading needles. I learned from Nina Libin to "needle the thread" by using Elmer's blue glue to stiffen the tip. It's fantastic!

I'll keep my eyes peeled for those cobalt blue shuttles!

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

you can find them at Michael's and Hobby Lobby. You can also get them at places like

Ladytats said...

a mad genius doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing. most generally it is taken to mean that you are focused on a particular topic and that you can think of things that others don't. there for you are a mad genius.
pretty shuttles.

JB said...

Those are beautiful. Nice choice on the one you are keeping.
Your edging is lovely.

Karen said...

Your Bleeding Heart is absolutley beautiful. Mad Genius? Be proud to be a Mad Genius when you produce things like this!! Yes, we'll want to know. See you soon, Karen in OR

Bonnie said...

beautiful shuttles

** jess! ** said...

So, re-looking at your needle, I can see what you mean by the eye loop, so it's not the beadlon that I have. Mine just has one huge eye that runs the length of the needle.
Is it a Griffin collapsible? I saw them on Amazon. Or have you figured it out already?

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Jess, I think you got it! It is a twisted wire so I do think it must be some sort of collapsible needle.

Stephanie said...

I have some needles that have a collapsible eye on one end, but they're straight not curved. I've seen the curved ones selling on eBay before, but if they have an eye I don't know. Well, that was useless info!

The Bleeding Heart!1!! I loved that post. I have always wondered what happened with that project. Glad to see your Mad Genius mind is in proper working order. Looking forward to seeing the 2012 incarnation and your new book, too! I bought one of Helma Siepmann's books on encapsulation so I could familiarize myself with the technique.