Thursday, April 12, 2012

Someone else is excited about Shuttlebirds too!

Brenda "Blathnaid" is coming to Shuttlebirds again. She had so much fun the last time! She has been a great little leprechaun helper. I must say, (and I mean no offense to the boys) but girl leps are so much less troublesome than the boys. My Brendan is still off gallivanting around the world...I wonder if he'll ever come home.

If you are totally lost, I'll take a moment to catch you up. Brendan is my first Leprechaun. He came to me when I lived in South Korea. He is very adventurous and mischievous. I took him to Vietnam and it was there that he decided to part ways and go on his own. Every now and again I hear word about his travels. He is after all "Brendan the Navigator".
I missed him though so when I got back to the States his sister Brenda came to live with me. She is "Brenda the stay at home". Her Gaelic name is Blathnaid. She is stylish and organized...(two things I am not)...and although she loves a good joke (like all leps) she is more mild mannered than her brother. She is here to stay!

Just finished stringing this one.

Here they are side by side. I don't know if I will tat this in size 80 or not. Probably not as I think it would be a bit too small and better suited to a pair of earrings.

I thought this looked pretty so I wanted to share. This is a handmade chime that I bought in Korea and behind it is my blooming tree in all it's glory. Welcome Spring!!!


Crazy Mom Tats! said...

The shuttles are gorgeous!

Enjoys Shuttlebirds

Margarets designer cards said...

The shuttles are beautiful, Your bell and tree look lovely a real welcome to spring.

tattrldy said...

The shuttles are gorgeous! There is going to be a lot of drooling at Shuttlebirds.
I was wondering the size difference of the two medallions, thanks for putting them side by side. They look great as pendants.

Fleur said...

magnifique !

Anonymous said...

Love the pattern you work shopped.Just had to have a go, so have sat here on and off all day tatting. Found first few doubles fiddly put oh do love the pattern.Thank you for the share.GERALDINE.