Thursday, March 1, 2007

Shuttle Collection

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This is my shuttle collection. There are a few interesting ones. I like to tat with the marbleized plastic ones the best. I don't know if there are any valuable shuttles in this lot but they are all special to me. I like to look at the abalone shell shuttles because they are so pretty. I also like the carved bone and horn shuttles but they are not old. I love my David Reed Smith shuttle made from curly maple with my name engraved on it. He does great work!
The other day a shuttle sold for over $300 on ebay. Incredible.
Lately I've been tatting with my own ceramic shuttles, they have a nice feel in the hands.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely collection! I recently started my collection, and I am one of those crazy ones... $380 last week on eBay for tatting shuttle. LOL if my husband finds out I will not hear the end of it, but o well, that's what makes me happy, and is my hard earned money :)

Keep up with that collection and your beautiful work.