Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pottery with Tatting

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I was searching for a photo of a tiny doily the size of a quarter I did in 1999...I think I sold it on ebay for $6 if I remember correctly. I am totally kicking myself for that.
Anyway, while I didn't find that photo I did find this photo of a mug I made in 2000 with tatting impressions.
I did a lot of pottery back then with tatting somehow incorporated into it. I stopped for awhile because no one knew what it was.
The good news is that I am starting it back up again.
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This coaster is fresh out of the kiln.
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This Turkey Platter was a commissioned piece I did recently. This, of course, is crochet work rather than tatting but it is a good example of another technique I use in my ceramic art. This doily was crocheted by my commissioner's grandmother and they intend to make this piece a family heirloom.
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This is a sushi tray that now belongs to my friend Jen.
As you might imagine all the tatting used in the clay work becomes ruined lace. I can use each tatted piece a few times but once the lace goes in the studio, it stays in the studio.
Now that the Research and Development is slowing down on my shuttles I will be doing more stuff like this.


Diane said...

The coaster or the turkey platter... hmmm! I hope to see them posted on Etsy soon!

Tattycat said...

Sherry, I am so glad that you have joined the challenge! You will have a great time. Everytime I look at your site I am more amazed. The tatting on pottery is unbelievable. If only I had your imagination!

Tatskool said...

Oh wow, I never saw this post, must be before I started blogging. I didn't realise you had put tatting on pots. The first things that I saw were your shuttles.