Monday, April 9, 2007

Tatted Purse Update #7 Almost finished

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(((WHEW!!!)))....That is my big sigh of relief that this is almost done. I feel like I've put my heart and soul into this project for way too long. But tatting just takes a lot of time and at least I've seen this through. There were many times I wanted to give up from aching bones and muscles, not to mention a disconcerting "tingling" I got in my hands a few times.
I spent a lot of time taking out and re-doing stitches, but that is the way it is with designing. At least I have a pleasing feeling of accomplishment seeing the fruits of my labor.
The purse is now much too big to fit in my scanner. So I apologize for the less detailed photos.
And see....., I told you there would be a twist... You didn't see it coming did you?
Now I just need to create a liner for it. Once the liner is in place it is going to be a poofy (for lack of a better word) purse.
With the "twist" I wanted to create some volume. It will be 3 dimensional when it is completed.
Now I need to finish writing up the pattern and I hope to make it available in my shop real soon!


Jane Eborall said...

LOVELY bag. Great colours and I too love beads!!! Do hope you get to Palmetto. It's gonna be great fun with lots of mischief!!!

TattingChic said...

Sherry, watch that's the beginning of carpal tunnel syndrome. When It happens be sure to stop, shake your hands and do something different with your fingers for a while. If you continue to tat the repetitive motion can ruin your ability to use your hands, could even end up having surgery. I don't mean to scare you, but I can see how much tatting means to you and I would hate for it to become impossible for you to do it. It can be prevented by "listening" to your body and respecting your hands' need to another motion for a while. Maybe you already know this, but I could not live with myself if I knew I should tell you and then later something happend and you developed CTS because 'no one told you'.