Sunday, May 20, 2007

5 shuttle tatting

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Are you sick of grapes yet? Just when I thought I was done with this edging design that has been plaguing me for days I was struck by an intriguing idea. At first I thought I was crazy to even consider such a thing but uncontrollable forces urged me foward.
This was my inpiration:
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It is a photo of my kitchen where I have these really cool alternating grape lights. So my goal was to make alternating grape colors on the edging design without a lot of fuss. I wanted it to be a continuous tat.
Voila! After much deliberation and a little frustration I am now enjoying the fruits of my labor....Pun intended!
This blog post is my 50th post. Whoo hoo! This is a pretty big deal considering how ADD I am.
And now that I know I can successfully tat with 5 shuttles at a time I have tons of other design ideas rolling around in my head.

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