Monday, May 21, 2007

Hankies, more grapes and a surprise!

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Couldn't resist torturing you all with yet more pictures of grapes. The edging is coming along. You probably didn't notice that I was a just a little bit proud of this edging. Come to find out that I am not that clever after all, I guess there are folks out there who have tatted with a lot more than 5 shuttles at one time.
My pride was short-lived as usual.
I am in the market for some Irish Linen Hankies because I need to put all my new edging designs to good use right? They are really expensive, these handkerchiefs,...who knew?
Anyway, these are the least expensive hankies I found on the internet. If anyone knows of a better deal, please do share.
I got a lovely surprise this morning.
My great Aunt Dolores gave me a shuttle that my great grandmother gave her over 30 years ago. Now I actually have one of my great gran's tatting items....YAY!!! You would think that because I am the ONLY person in the family who tats and everyone knows it that I might have more of Great Grandma's tatting things but they were all pilfered and scattered to the winds after her funeral. I didn't mind because being a child at the time I wasn't entitled to anything. And besides, of what use are shuttles, thread and bits and bobs of lace without any skills to put them to use? But I can't deny that it is nice that one of her shuttles has migrated back to me.
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Now I am probably putting myself at risk for some hate mail here but I don't really care for the bobbin style shuttles and I guess these are the ones that Jane E really goes nuts over...(made in England). But because it was touched and used by my GG I am going to tat with it. Who knows, maybe I'll start liking them.................................................................................but I doubt it, (hee hee).


yarnplayer said...

Your grape edging is really cool, very creative, fashionable colors, impressive skill, wow!!!

How nice that you now have one of your great-grandmother's shuttles. I have one that belonged to one of my aunts, even though I never saw her tatting. I don't care to tat with it -- it's large and doesn't have a point. But still, it's nice to have something that had belonged to someone special.

Diane said...


I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier... have you checked out Handy Hands for your handkerchiefs? I think her prices are $4.50, $6.50, and $9.50, and the service is excellent!

jencie said...

I looked at the lace suppliers i tend to go to first(Lacy Susan, Holly VanSciver and Tracy at The Lacemaker) and their prices are similar to what you found. Holly lists a half yard of linen handkerchief material for sale here
(39$ for the half yard, but if you plan on making a lot of hankies, or wanting smaller or larger than the blanks that are sold....)
i simply Love what you have done with your grape edging. You have taken every new technique you have learned and mastered them! Way to go!
Hope you are having a lovely week!

Tattycat said...

I love the grape edging, no matter how many pictures. You have a right to be pleased with yourself! Congratulations on having your GG's tatting shuttle. That is very special. I have a shuttle from each grandmother, but nothing from GG's. I am with you on the bobbin shuttles. I love my post shuttles, but I'm glad Jane E. is so talented with her bobbins!

Gina said...

The grape edging is fantastic and just because others have also tatted with lots of shuttles shouldn't dampen your pride. It's tricky keeping track of them and you have reason to be enthused. I love the edging.

Sorry about your glaze fiasco. It's good to show what can go wrong..makes people appreciate what does turn out that much more..'re very fortunate to have a shuttle from a family member. No one in my family tatted so no shuttles were available to hand down with the stories and personality of the original owner.

:-) Gina