Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Goof'n around with three shuttle tatting.

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Here is a little motif I came up with while I was away from home this past weekend.
It is tatted with size 80 thread and I used three shuttles. With all my new designs lately I have been trying to tat continuously with not cuts or interruptions. Georgia if you are reading this, you would be proud.
I'm not 100% pleased with it but I do think it is a starting point for something much more interesting. I am going to keep playing around with it.


Diane said...

3 shuttles... yikes! I haven't ventured past ball and shuttle yet! Will this one be in your book too?

jencie said...

Lovely work...as Always!
I couldn't remember if i got the heart pattern from the tat chat book or off the internet way back when, but a bit of searching and i found it on its designers page, so here you are,
take care!