Monday, May 7, 2007

I think I need a vacation....

I have been going going going for this thing and that. I am tired and and I need to de-stress! I am home again, most of the major deadlines are behind me, and now I can focus on getting things back in order and scheduling some good ol' relaxation time.
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This is a picture of my 4 yr old nephew who was facinated by my tatting. He is holding a little motif up for the camera.
When he gets old enough, if he still has an interest, I will try to teach him to do it.
The pamphlet thing worked. I wasn't at the doc's office more than 15 minutes when I had an opportunity to give one to an interested lady. I didn't get a chance to tat on the airplane or in the airport for that matter. This plane was the most cramped plane I have ever been on. But I have decided to put a dozen or so pamphlets in with my "tatting on the go" stuff so that I will always be prepared.
Oh...and all the Mom's in my life LOVED the tatted rose earrings. They were surprised with them a week early since I won't get to see any of them next Sunday.

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