Friday, June 8, 2007

Lilacs Edging Sampler...You decide

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More lilacs. I took Sharon's suggestion and threw in some picots. I also played around with the leaves and made some dimpled rings. So what do you think? Picot's or no picots, dimpled rings or no dimpled rings? In one of the flower bunches I even left off the 7th "tip" ring to see what that would look like.
Well, it's been a long roller coaster ride of a week. I am going to settle down, watch me a murder mystery and have a glass of vino!


Diane said...

Wow! You've really been busy! I like the picots; they give a more lacey affect. I think I like the 7 rings better, although my real lilacs always seem to have the boxier edge shown with the 6 rings! Maybe I have stunted lilacs!

I really like the dimpled rings, but they remind me more of the curly little things on grapes than lilacs.

yarnplayer said...

It's absolutely lovely just the way it is.