Friday, June 29, 2007

Love to TAT

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I wanted to tat something for my Aunt who is sending me copies of some of my great grandmother's original poetry. I don't know what this motif is going to be, I just started tatting and this is where I ended up. I guess even I will have to wait to see what it becomes.

I finally got my Tatters across Time mailed off. I've had it finished for a couple of weeks but they are very particular about how it should be packaged and sent back so that took me almost as long as the actual tatting. But it is another thing I can cross off my list and I am very excited for the next step of the program.

It's been two weeks since the dog attack and I have not been able to do any pottery. My hand just hasn't healed enought yet. I have been out longer than I thought I would, much to my chagrin, but I have been able to do a lot of other things I normally wouldn't have time to do. So I guess there really IS a bright side to everything.

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