Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Designing Methods

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O.k, here is a design that went wrong, and I don't think I can salvage it. It's completely due to poor planning on my part. But I thought I would share it anyway to let you all know that creating new patterns isn't all that easy. I also wanted to share this interesting thread that I won as a prize at the Shuttlebirds convention. It is a very large thread size 10 or larger and it reminds me of tie dye.

Anyway, today I thought I would share a little about the way that I design. I try to get my inspiration from non-tatting items, like designs and patterns in nature or architecture. For example I have created several butterfly patterns; for those I checked out a bunch of books from the library on butterflies and I studied them in detail. In fact when I am designing I try to avoid other tatting and tatting patterns and books altogether so that I don't inadvertantly copy someone else's work. I usually draw out the design that is floating around in my head and then I spend a lot of time "perfecting" it. I take into account the ease of the pattern because personally I like straightforward patterns that aren't too fussy and complicated. Making the pattern easy to tat is probably the most challenging and time consuming part of designing.
Anyhow, I have a lot more flubs than successes but I learn from each one and sometimes a "flub" can turn into a happy accident.

On another note, I am very sad today because I checked over our calendar and realized that I just cannot make the Palmetto Tatting convention. I was so looking forward to meeting a lot of you in person. I was especially looking forward to meeting Jane and Mark who will be teaching, but alas I will have to wait for another opportunity to arise.


Jane Eborall said...

Heh, heh, heh, great minds think alike!!!
Sorry, though, to see you won't be going to Palmetto. It would've been great to meet.

Tattycat said...

I like the thread and greatly admire you designing talent. I wish I could do it! I will also have to wait another year for Palmettos, sadly. I was really looking forward to it. Maybe we will meet next year!