Sunday, July 29, 2007

My first attempt with beads....

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I have been experimenting with this new cross I designed. Here I've just made it bigger. I started thinking that this might be a pattern that would look great with beads. Well guess what? I have never worked with beads in tatting before. The only reason is because I haven't been interested to do so up until now. So I tatted up a little cross with some beads that I dug up. Mind you it is my very first attempt and I can see a ton of room for improvement. Here the beads are too crowded distorting the tatting. But I had so much fun doing this project that I am going to the bead store today to purchase some more. You might be seeing a lot of beads in the near future.
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jencie said...

You are treading on a slippery slope! It was adding beads to my tatting that lead me to beadweaving, then wirework and now chain maille as well. I Love the look and feel of beads in tatting, and i think you will enjoy the opportunity to experiment further with your tatting :-)
keep us posted,

Tattycat said...

Jencie is right - be careful! Not only tatting is addictive. You did very well for your first attempt. I like both of the crosses.

Jane Eborall said...

Well tat's the end of life as you knew it!! I fear the worst now!! You'll never tat without beads in future! Hope your hubby's got a well paid job and that your Etsy shop does well as you'll need SO much money to feed the bead addiction!!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I agree... beads can be addictive! I haven't worked with them in tatting yet, but I love making beaded crochet purses! You've inspired me to try something new... hmmm... just where did I put those beads?