Monday, August 13, 2007

Another little Tatting Cluny Motif and Another POLL

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This is a fun little motif I designed when I returned from the Shuttlebirds convention. It has a few little tricks that I learned in the workshops, and believe it or not it is done in one continuous tat.
I am getting more comfortable with the diagramming software and I am trying to diagram one pattern per day.
I still haven't decided which patterns to include in my first book. What would you like to see? A mish mash of different kinds of patterns for all ability levels? A book with just advanced patterns? (This is what I would like to see). A book with just butterfly patterns for all ability levels?
It seems like I change my mind every day.
Pottery orders are taking up most of my time lately (I am definately not complaining) but I am starting to wonder if I'll get the first book done by Christmas.

Oh...and I almost forgot, I turned in three tatted items for our State Fair. I have never entered anything before...wish me luck!
Happy Tatting!


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

What a pretty little motif! I would like to see a variety of patterns only because I sometimes want something very simple, and other times I want to be challenged! Can't wait to see your book!

Tatman said...

Good luck on getting your first book done by Christmas! I know how it goes when "life" gets in the way of what you want to do. Nice that you are getting a lot of orders. I have been trying to get my next book out for the past 3 years, but life gets in the way. It is a long process but well worth it!
Good luck on your fair entries. Hope to see what you entered ;)

Patsy A. Goodman said...

I love all the choices for your books. There is so much out there for the beginner and so many easy patterns to choose from. I would like to see each of these books done up. But I'm now looking for something that challenges me.

There is so many patterns to choose from on the internet. I love butterflys and I have already gotten a good collection of patterns for those. There are so many great patterns that you can down load but not very many that are really challenging.