Thursday, August 9, 2007

Vegas Butterflies

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Here are the two new butterflies I came up with while on vacation. I was aiming for a quick simple tat. I think I achieved that goal. I may refine these a bit later.
I have so much on my plate right now I am just trying to keep my head above water.
If you check to the right I have finally put up my Free Patterns link.
The half butterfly is diagrammed. I feel there is some room for improvement yet, but as I refine my computer skills, with practice, I will eventually get there.

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On another note: Can someone tell me what kind of lace this is?


Tattycat said...

I love the butterflies. So cute. I hope you had a great vacation with your hubby. I will check out the pattern pages. I don't know what kind of lace it is, but it looks old and it is beautiful.

MNLacer said...

That is an example of needle lace. You can learn more (with links to various types) at or


Marty said...

I really like your butterflies, Sherry. Thanks for sharing your profile butterfly pattern! I'd like to use it on my jeans bag -- it would be a good contrast to all my little four-ring butterflies. :)

clesliea said...

Dear Sherry
I have an issue of Anna Burda that has a course on Hedebo which is Danish needlelace based on a buttonhole stitch and the loops on the outer edge and the fillings of the flower petals look exactly like this.Connie Angeline