Saturday, October 20, 2007

Counting my Blessings

No more fits of tears, my tatting friends have succeeded in cheering my spirits. Thank you all. You are truly caring and special people. I am very thankful for the tatting community. I will try to focus on my blessings rather than all that other lame stuff.

THE Teri "Tatbit" Dusenbury sent me a package that couldn't help but lift my spirits and which arrived at the most appropriate time. I am now part of the bear clan and should not get eaten this winter whilst snowboarding and wearing my wonderful knitted disquise:
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She also gave me some neat thread I can't wait to try, some bolo findings so that I can make a bolo tie for my grandad, and the most amazing bracelet ever!

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The backside is just a pretty as the front. I will treasure it always!

Georgia Seitz has sent out a "Card Shower" request for Mary Konior. I asked her permission to repost her email and she granted it:

I can just picture Mary getting barraged with wonderful cards (with tatting on them of course) from tatters all over the world.

Hello Tatters!
We are having a card shower for Mary Konior who has recently entered a nursing home. Mary is an internationally known tatter and has published several books:"Tatting in Lace"
"Pattern Book in Tatting"
"Tatting with Visual Patterns"
"A Pattern Book of Tatting"

Mary has been a wonderful tatter, teacher and supporter of tatting for decades.
If you want to send her a card please contact Georgia Seitz:

Many thanks,Best wishes, Georgia Seitz

I am going to send Mary a card with this leaf on it; a pattern I created for this wonderful season we are having.
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This was tatted with that ever colorful "Rubi 5" size 20 thread.
I decided to share it with you wonderful people.
I wrote it up in a bit of a hurry so please let me know if you have any trouble deciphering it.
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"Autumn Leaf" by Sherry Pence Copyright 2007
S =Start
r =ring
ch =chain
+ =join
-,p =picot
RW =Reverse Work
LJ =Lock Join
* =repeat
JsCh =Josephine chain (second half of double stitch)

 1 shuttle, 3 ball threads, 4 colors
 Ball thread #1, *ch3-(*15X)3RW tie ends to shape ring.
 Add ball thread #2, *ch3-3RW, r3+(next p)3clRW(*3X)
 *ch4-4RW, r3+(next p)3clRW(*2X)
 *ch2-2RW, r3+(next p)3clRW(*2X)
 ch5-5RW, r6+(next p)6clRW
 ch5-5RW, r3+(next p)3clRW
 *ch2-2RW, r3+(next p)3clRW(*2X)
 *ch4-4RW, r3+(next p)3clRW(*2X)
 *ch3-3RW, r3+(next p)3clRW(*3X)+(start)
 Add ball thread #3, ch4+(LJ next p)5+(LJ next p)
 ch6+(LJ next p) *5-5+(LJ next p)(*2X)6-6+(LJ next p)
 ch5+(LJ next p)7+(LJ next p)7RW, r5+(ptA)5clRW
 ch7+(LJ next p)7+(LJ next p)5+(LJ next p), ch6-6+(LJ next p)
 *ch5-5+(LJ next p)(*2X)6+(LJ next p)5+(LJ next p)4+(LJ next p)+(Start)
 Encapsulate tails in a Josephine chain approx. 1"
 Finish Ends



TATBiT said...

Thanks Sherry for being a good sport and no bear dare eat you or that hat!

Marty said...

Thanks for sharing the Autumn Leaf pattern, Sherry. It's just delightful! Maybe even around a button for a brooch. :)

Tattycat said...

I am so glad that you won't be eaten by a bear! What would we do without you? I'm also glad that you have been cheered up. Thanks for sharing the message from Georgia about the cards. That is sweet. Thanks also for the leaf pattern. I will try it tomorrow.

Jane Eborall said...

Woweee, a package from Teri. Lucky lady - I know how generous she is from having them from her too. SO pleased the bears won't get you.