Wednesday, October 24, 2007

An unexpected wonderful surprise!

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Wouldn't you agree that our tatting friend Diane must be some kind of Angel? You all know who I am talking about because she always leaves encouraging comments on everyone's blog. She aways has nice and curteous things to say and is one of the most thoughtful and generous people I know.
Now, I don't intend to embarrass her with this post but to honor her and thank her.

I received a birthday package from her today, full of wonderful surprises. I already have plans for the thread, some of which comes from Yarnplayer...YIPPEEE! And I have always wanted to try King Tut because I've heard so much about it. Then there are the awesome "Diane decorated" cheeky of her! She blogged about them and I had NO idea! I love the shawl and I'm wearing it right now. I will think of Diane every time I use her handweaved bookmark.
Between Teri and Diane (my very young adopted moms), I am getting so spoiled.

I am really enjoying ALL my tatting friends and getting to know you all better. I am finding we have more in common than just tatting.
Thanks for being my friends!


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Happy birthday, Sherry! I only know October, so I'm not sure if the surprise was early or late... I'm glad you like your gift!

Sapna said...

Oh Thats so sweet... yes I truly agree with you - all the tatting friends here are awfully sweet and very helpful. Belated birthday wishes, I am not sure when was it but i hope you had a good time. Have a wonderful year ahead.

Tattycat said...

What a happy birthday from Diane! Wow! The gifts are lovely. I know you feel very loved. I hope you also feel appreciated, because you really are!