Friday, February 8, 2008

Non Tatting Post

While my sister was visiting, I finally got the chance to try on the renaissance dress that I purchased awhile back. Putting on the costume is definately a two person job and I can see why there was a need for "Lady's Maids" back in the day. It took about 40 minutes to get into and all put together. It would take much longer to finish all the other little details like make up, hair and jewelry. Anyhow, I really like the dress, it is ever so detailed. It is also very heavy...about 20 pounds. It needs some adjusting to fit me better...or if I could just gain some weight in the right places...
Ah well.

I also wanted to brag on our own Elizabeth, she created this gorgeous Etsy Treasury.


Tattycat said...

Your joy in having your sister there is very apparent! I love seeing you in the dress again. I got to attend a couple of events in castles while in England and I enjoyed seeing the period costumes so much. Elizabeth did a beautiful job and you are sweet to give her props!

Gina said...

I LOVE Renaissance Fairs and everything that goes with them!!!! Are you wearing it to a particular event? There used to be one near me but they stopped having it and now I have to travel a few hours to get to one and haven't managed to do that yet. :-( Oh what fun!

:-)) Gina

Sapna said...

Oh this is so pretty, and you look so pretty... looks like you are having a lot of fun.

And I just love the snow in the background... I have never seen snow in my life... Nice picture.

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

They have a large Shakespeare festival here every year. Sadly, I won't be here for that anymore. But I am sure I can find some excuse to wear it.

Thank you! No snow??? You must make it a point to see snow someday! I LOVE snow!