Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"TUSCANY" tatted up

Here is what the hand dyed tatting thread, "Tuscany" looks like tatted up.

I apologize for the lack of posting here. My posts may dwindle during this hectic time. I have already started packing for our move to South Korea. Also, I have been suffering from insomnia for over two months and it is really starting to get to me. I feel like a zombie most of the time. The sleeping meds the doc has prescribed do not help me sleep but they sure give me a whopping headache.
My "sanctuary" is when I get to sit and tat for a little while. Thank goodness for tatting! I have a ton of projects lined up for the Shuttlebirds convention, I hope I can successfully complete them as I have been so distracted. Moving is just a stressful part of life, I know I will feel much better when it is all over.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Tuscany looks beautiful tatted up! I look forward to using mine!

I hope you can resolve your insomnia soon. I know it makes life miserable. I really don't know how I got past mine. I just woke up one morning and realized I'd slept through the night! I hope that happens for you soon!

yarnplayer said...

I too, hope that your insomnia will be gone soon! Thankfully, you have your tatting "sanctuary" - that is what it is for many of us, as well. Those Shuttlebirds are certain to be just totally amazed by your beautiful work!

Clyde said...

The Tuscany looks very nice tatted up. I can sympathize with you about not getting any sleep. I have been suffering through a bad bout of migraines and am getting about 2 hours sleep a night. Like you said thank goodness for tatting. It is the only thing that keeps me sane. Here's hoping for more sleep in the very near future.