Monday, April 7, 2008

In the eye of the storm

Oh hallelujah! I just woke up from a 4 hour nap (can you call 4 hours of sleep a nap?). It has been a whirlwind since my last post and I doubt that I have slept more than 4 hours in the last three days...apart from today's nap of course.
I feel a bit better too!
My kitty is gone and all the items I think I will need for a year are in a crate on their way to Korea.
I was up all night taking care of all those last minute details and inventorying stuff. My conclusion is that I am way too obsessive compulsive about everything....yes yes, I hear there is medication for that.

Here is my inventory list going to Korea:

1)Desktop computer.....(it took me forever to transfer all the important things to my S....L....O....W laptop) I am sure that sometime this week I will discover that I have forgotten something crucial.

2)Junky old desk...cuz I still need an office space.

3)Junky old bookcase...cuz I need somewhere to put my tatting books....heck yes they are going to Korea!

4) 1 queen bed and boxspring with bedding....(needs no explanation)

5) 2 bikes, my hubby's mountain bike and my 1965 Schwin American Cruiser (my favorite material posession in the whole world) I took a risk bringing it but I LOVE it and will ride it a lot! These will be our mode of transportation in Korea.

6) 2 tubs of clothes, one for me and one for hubby.

7) 2 tubs of office and crafting supplies...yes they are more important than clothes.

8) My super secret stash of ceramic shuttles. They allowed me to package them myself and I am praying that they make it o.k.

Which brings me to the next point. I have been getting many emails asking if I will continue selling shuttles. The answer is, if all goes well that is certainly the plan. I will also continue to blog.
I have been working hard for months creating an inventory which I hope will last until I can get to a studio to make more.

I am trying to minimize my "down time/transition" time as much as possible. So this blog and my shop should continue as usual. The only difference being that the items will be shipping from Korea...please take note that the tatting shuttles are still %100 made in the U.S.A.....just shipping from elsewhere.

It doesn't sound like we are taking very much to Korea so it shouldn't have been as stressfull as it was, but I had to pack all my crafting tools which meant that everything I am taking to Shuttlebirds had to be completed by today...hence the stress and very little sleep. The only breaks I took were to spend a little time on the computer trying to stay current with the tatting community and responding to emails.

Now that the first set of moving is done..I am taking the afternoon off. It was mostly spent trying to catch up on sleep and now I am trying to catch up on blogging.
That's why I am calling this blog "In the eye of the storm", because tomorrow I need to focus on renting our house and selling our vehicles and a myriad of other things.
Even though I am sad right now and missing my kitty, I am thankful that I have a house to rent and vehicles to sell. My blessings are too numerous to count. I am very thankful and humbled. My special wish for you, all my tatting friends, is that your socks will be blessed off too!

Now that I have completely talked your ear off, let's move on to the interesting stuff:


This is the newest shuttle listed today. I am showing it here because I love the shadow it casts in the huh?

As far as business goes, everything is as usual. I will still be shipping product up to my departure date. I will close the shop down for hopefully no more than a week and then resume as if nothing ever happened....HA ha HA!

hmmmm....I am tired again..I think I need another "nap"!


zarina said...

No problem about shipping from Korea. It means it will arrive faster. P/s - my purchase that day has not arrived yet. S O B

Tattycat said...

It is so good to hear from you that the day went well. I'm glad you have your priorities in order! Kitty, bicycle and tatting stuff. Sounds good to me. I'm sure everything will be fine and we will hardly notice the difference. Wishful thinking? I hope not. I am most of all glad to hear that you took a nap and SLEPT FOR FOUR HOURS! Take care.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

My goodness, you have been busy! I wish you all the best in your Korean adventure. I would take my bike too! Although, the last time I was on a bike I fell off 11 times in a half hour... no sense of balance! I think I'll stick to tatting and leave the bike riding to you!

I hope you post lots of pictures so that we can get a sense of your new life! I hope you get the opportunity to learn new pottery techniques, and maybe even meet some Korean tatters! ...or teach some Koreans to tat!

I love the new shuttle! My wish list is growing!

OmonSan said...

I get tired just reading your blog so I can appreciate that you must be even more so. I wish you a blessed transition and that you will loose nothing of your stuff on the way to Korea. Bon Voyage!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Thank you everybody! What would I do without my tatting friends?

Zarina, your thread shipped on 3/25/08. Sometimes the post is fast and sometimes it is slow, please let me know when it does arrive!!!

TattingChic said...

Good luck with your endeavors and I hope your tatting shuttles make it okay, too. How on earth did you find time to blog at a time like this (I know, hence the title of the post) but still! I hope you and your hubby travel safe and that you will be reunited with your kitty soon. You are an amazing person. God bless you, too.

zarina said...

I have use the Tuscany 20 thread to make Jane's flowery SMCR bookmark. Not only that the colors are beautiful but the thread helps set the bookmark without any interventions. My next thread is the Autumn Medley. P/s - I will be making more purchases of your new items.