Monday, June 23, 2008

Awarded, Tagged and Awarded again....Oh my!

The Arte Y Pico award. (X3)

Thank you to Tatting Chic and Grizzly Mountain Arts and Diane for nominating me for this award. I feel so very honored! It is an award passed from artist to artist.

I have also been tagged by Sapztat to share 6 unimportant facts about myself. I feel like I've shared everything about myself I had to dig deep.
It took me a long time to come up with please enjoy.

1) Due to new regulations (well new to me) I can no longer donate my blood because I lived in England in 1989. Apparently there is a possibility that I could have "Mad Cow" disease. How excellent is that? Now I have an excuse for all my insanity. "What's that you say? ...Sorry, I have mad cow disease". "I am excusing myself from housework... I wouldn't want to exacerbate my MCD".
...My MCD therapy consists of tatting a minimum of two hours a day.
I's a rough life. Please...please don't pity me... I will persevere.

2) I have suffered multiple head injuries throughout my life...(mostly during my snowboarding career) that right there pretty much explains EVERYTHING!

3) Kinda related to #2...I have a really bumpy head. A phrenologist's dream!

4) In my college days I played the electric bass guitar for 4 different bands. I was terrible.

5) I am bonkers about really sharp scissors. Love them...dont' run with them!

6) I have an extremely sensitive nose. The slightest odor will put me into a fit of gagging. I can't help it. I get it from me mum!

I glanced over the rules and being in a rebellious mood I am declining from following them...exactly...

I am going to pass this award on to four people who I think give so much to the tatting community and expect nothing in return. I am also tagging these same four people to share 6 fun facts about themselves. Please do not feel obligated to participate. However, I for one am interested in learning more about you gals!

1.)Jane Eborall
2.)Sharon Briggs
3.)Linda Davies
4.)Gina Brummet


TattingChic said...

Fun reading your list...I have a very sensitive nose, too. Congrats on your award. I'm glad you chose to accept it as you deserve it! You're a great gal.

snowy said...

Hey, I am banned from blood donation for the same reason, after having already given some 22 units since arriving in France. As a lot of blood is used for people in terminal care, I asked if I couldn't donate just to the dying, but this was not accepted as a reasonable suggestion, although it seemed logical to me.

Jamie said...

I thought MCD was a gene that ran ont he femaile side in our family?