Thursday, November 5, 2009

Short lived

O.k. So I am having another "down" day today. I am exhausted and I have had a set back with the pain in my hands. I have been approved to see a neurologist and am just waiting for an opening. Anyhow, I expect there will be many more ups and downs but I feel so supported that I think I can handle it. You guys do know that you are my lifeline right???
...and to all my moms out there, I AM taking your advice. So many good suggestions were given to me and I know many of you have gone through this so I am listening.

This humongous speed bump in my life is driving me MAD I tell you! (Ooops did I type that out loud???)

O.k. O.k, no energy for silliness today.....

I managed to list a couple more Hook Pens. I tell you I have been using them myself and the are really great and so handy, why didn't I think of them before??? LOL!!!

I have been able to catch up a bit on blogs, some of you have gotten comments from me. To be honest, I think that is why my hands hurt so bad today. So many blogs, so little time.
Anyway, if I didn't leave you a comment that doesn't mean that I didn't visit your blog. You know I love you all!



Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Too much keyboarding can hurt your hands! Ask my 4th graders... they all have carpel tunnel syndrome after 10 minutes of keyboarding! ; )

Seriously... moderation in all things is the key to recovery! Get well soon!

Tatskool said...

We love you too! Hang in there.

Sharon D. said...

Hope your hands get better soon, and you don't half to wait to long to see a Dr.

Ridgewoman said...

Must be going around! I felt like I'd been "et by the wolf and shat over the cliff" today; as my girl (79 years young) friend from Texas is wont to say. LOL
Seriously, I didn't even tat today until 9 PM; nor get on line (it's 10 ish now). My new platform bed came and I didn't even get up and go look at it ~ furthest I walked was to 'BAT-room' and back. I think it is going to rain! I have to feel better 'cause the girl's Big Show is on this Saturday ~ she has it all hung, and the catering set up!
Be good to yourself, and lots of people love and support you; I think of you everyday...remember, we will have cocoa! XXXX B

sewmuchfun4 said...

I'm reading your post on Friday and am sorry to hear Thursday wasn't so hot. I hope that today is better and more than that, I hope you are able to see the Neurologist soon and that it is a productive visit.

To have a good day is very encouraging! Just keep taking care of yourself - everything else can wait!

:) Ann

Marty said...

You can always do "head-designing" until your hands are feeling better. I hope you get to see the neurologist soon so they can get you on the road to pain-free hand use. I love the little bat -- is that one of your designs?

Tatfully Yours said...

Now see, what did I say about over doing things again. Oh dear, I'm using my mommy voice again. Do take care!!!