Monday, February 26, 2007

My first blog

Well, here I am. I suppose it was inevitable that I should end up here in a blog solely about all things tatting!
I just feel like my Great Grandma is up in Heaven smiling down upon me right now. She was so proud the day that I learned and if she could only see what the gift she has given me has blossomed into.
Thank you Grams!
Today I received an absolute treasure in the mail. It was a package of tatting things that I won in an ebay auction. I spent a lot of money on it but now that I see its value I would have spent much more.
In this lot are numerous tatted pieces, many of which I think might be original. Whoever this person was spent an enormous amount of time tatting and cataloging her work. I have over 50 note cards of tatted pieces along with their written instructions. Each tatted in size 80 or smaller thread. It is marvelous.
Several shuttles came with the lot as well as a couple books but nothing as extraordinary as the note cards.
I feel like this person was a kindred spirit! She (or possibly He) was an innovator in their tatting and an extraordinary person. I have many of their handwritten notes and I think he/she may have been a teacher of tatting.
Alas, I have zero personal information about whom this person may have been. All I know is that this came from an estate sale in Paris, Texas.
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As you can see by this photo this person sewed every little tatted example onto the note cards and then hand wrote the pattern out. This is so special to me. I will treasure it forever!
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This is another little treasure I found in the lot among the tatting. It is a tiny, tiny tatted flower bouquet. Wow!
Today is a great day in my world of tatting!


jencie said...

Wow, please bring this treasure to the Tatting Workshop, i would love to see such history. How will you store it to preserve it?
Take Care,

Mark, aka Tatman said...

COOL BEANS! You found a treasure alright. Nice that you got the bid and know how to cherish it. Nice blog BTW :) Adding it to my long list on my blog.

Mark, aka Tatman


Nice works.I'll visit here again.
I found it from the groups.Hope to see you soon...

TattingChic said...

I liked your story about your great grandma. What a treasure you have in those notecards from ebay. Thanks for sharing.