Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's not me, it's the thread....

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To my great relief my "thread breaking" problem seems to be solved. Previously all my size 80 or smaller thread was vintage and I didn't like tatting with it because it was always breaking on me. Very frustrating. I finally gave in and purchased some new size 80 majestic thread on the advice of a friend and I am happy to report sweet success! I really like this thread and can foresee using it a lot! I still love my size 20 flora and will not abandon it. But now I have a little more variety to work with. I tatted up this little motif on the fly. I would call it an original pattern since I just sat down and started tatting it, but I am sure it is similar to someone's pattern out there somewhere so for now I will not take credit for the design.

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