Saturday, April 14, 2007

Latest Firing

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A few of the Pic Tip Shuttles that came out of the kiln this morning. These have real tatted impressions. The plastic clover shuttle is thrown in the picture to give you a size reference.
I plan to tat something with one of the shuttles today to see how I like them.
Please forgive me if the tone of this particular blogging comes across a little on the negative side. I am very frustrated right now. If anyone ever accuses me of price gouging on these shuttles I think I will go 9 on the Richter scale. If people knew how much time and work I put into these and how many I lose along the way they would know that each shuttle is a bargain. Even other potters can't figure out how I accomplish this monumental task. Ok, I don't mean to rant on that particular subject. I don't want to bore you with technical potter speak but basically I started out with 40 shuttles and only 12 survived the process.
So you can see why I am very frustrated.

On a happier note: I was tatting at Barne's n Noble's last night and I heard this huge gasp and a lady rushed over to my table and started gushing about how she loves needle tatting. We had a lovely little chat.
This whole incident got me to thinking about how I can help further the art of tatting. When I am out in the public I am an ambassador for tatting. So how can I be the best promoter of tatting that I can be? Being a shy and introverted person, I do not feel comfortable talking to strangers, but I thought of a way that might help.
I am going to make up little pamphlets that have valuable information and resources on tatting like what it is and how to learn. When people approach me and ask me what I'm doing or tell me how their great Aunt used to tat then I will give them the pamphlet and encourage them to give it a try.


Melissa said...

LOL I'm shy too and don't feel very comfortable talking to strangers either! LOL Your pamphlet idea is great! Be sure to include some web site address for them to look up too!
I was in a needlework store the other day and wore one of my needle tatted pendants and the ladies loved it and the store owner got my name and phone number to maybe help teach some that ask about tatting when they come in her store. I'd be nervous to do it, but also glad to spread tatting too. Funny thing is I'm still a beginner but I think I could teach what I know and that is enough. We also have the tatting guild Palmetto Tatters out here too that I can refer people to.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry,

I don't think you're price gouging on your shuttles. In fact, I'm pumping my children with info to give their dad for a gift for moi! I heard rave reviews about your shuttles at Shuttlebirds. You go girl!!! (Thanks for posting a Clover next to your shuttles for a size comparison. I love my Clover shuttle...)

Also, I love your idea about tatting information pamphlets to give to people. I'm going to make one up also.

Talk about being shy. I saw you at Shuttlebirds and I think we even had a class together and we didn't meet. That's what happens when two shy people are in the same room with others.:o)

Good luck with your shuttles and tatting.

baby tatter in Tooele

LadyShuttleMaker said...

Thank you so much Pauline. I wish we would have met! Maybe next year??