Saturday, April 14, 2007

Success! (Insert smiley face here)

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So I tatted up this little motif with size 80 tatting thread. To be honest I thought the pic tip might be too blunt for joining in this size thread. Not at all. I am very pleasantly surprised with how well this handles the finer threads. No problem at all with the joins. So Yay! A little bright spot in an otherwise not so wonderful day.


peppylady said...

“ Hi I found your blog via blogger search under the subject of ceramics. I too do ceramics and live in northern part of Idaho.
I’ve heard of tatting and seen it done although I’ve never done it.
I’ve done a lot with ceramics in the pass and at this time I’m working toward my goal of reopening my shop.
I went over and took a look at your etsy shop and I real liked the “tatting shuttle with Cupid Angel”
Stop by sometime and visit my blog although I don’t have any finish pieces posted at this time.
I’m hoping to cast some ceramics in May”.

Tattycat said...

Hi Sherry,
Thanks. I love your blog and web page too. I would be very honored to swap page links with you. I love your work and have been coveting one of your ceramic shuttles for sometime now. My dad and I used to make wooden shuttles, but he is gone and I've not been inspired to start back up.
Thanks again,

Tattycat said...

Thanks for adding my link. I have added yours to my page so I can find you more easily and others can find you too! Me thinks I shall have to put your shuttles on my birthday wish list!