Sunday, April 15, 2007

More Tatted Purses

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It's spring cleaning time. I found some more of my old tatting packed away among my things. I tatted this many many years ago. I think I was still a teen when I did this one. It isn't the best example of tatting but I do remember it took me forever and a day. Look how long the strap is. I think this is also my first original piece. Mind you it isn't rocket science of a design but it was the first time I broke away from following patterns. I've kept it all these years for nostalgic reasons.
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This one was tatted a few years later. It's a cylinder. I think I was going for green grass, flowers, blue sky and clouds. Can you see it? I used a mish mash of edging patterns and put it all together with different size threads. It must have been whatever I could find at the time. I was very poor back in those days.
It's funny that I've had these packed away for over a decade. I'm glad to finally have an excuse to pull them out and share them with you.

Also, I have started putting my "signature" on every photo I post from here on out. I did a search the other day and to my surprise I found more than a few of my photos that people had "borrowed" from me without my knowlege and posted on their own pages. It doesn't really bother me, it is flattering in a way, but it would be nice if people informed me that they were doing it.
I am sorry if it gets annoying seeing it on every photo here, but I feel I need to protect my creative work.
I may be over sensitive but I've had some unfortuate experiences in the past with my other artistic endeavors. With the internet being a "free for all", it's just the way it has to be.

Happy Tatting!

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