Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tatted Ring of Bloggers updates and reminders

I have really been enjoying this ring and I hope you have too! I hope you have found that your traffic has increased and that you are making new friends.

This post is for those who are thinking about joining or are trying to join and have found themselves unsuccessful.
This post is specifically for those of you in the queue awaiting admission. I do not have the ability to personally add you since I do not have access to your websites.
Please be sure to read the instructions (which are very helpful) and the two very simple rules for joining found here, Tatters who Blog.

This is a tatting ring and we enjoy hearing about other crafts but the content of this ring should be %90 tatting related. Also, you must add the code ring to your blog BEFORE you can be approved. This is not a rule I made up, it is the way the ring works.
As always I am very happy to personally help anyone who needs it.

Here is an apology to my Yahoo 360 friends. I know some of you have tried to join and I have tried to help you. I decided to start a yahoo 360 blog of my own so that I could test it's compatibility with ringsurf. What I found is that Yahoo 360 does not give it's users the same freedom with inserting HTML as Blogger does. I could not find a way to add the code. If someone else out there knows a way around this please by all means share. As far as I can conclude Yahoo 360 is incompatible with blog rings.

And here is a reminder to all the talented, giving, and wonderful people who are already on the ring. May I challenge you to keep posting, and to keep your blogs as tatting related as possible (my way around this is to slip a bit of tatting into all those other posts).

Thank you everyone for keeping tatting fresh, challenging and interesting! I look forward to seeing what we all come up with for the holiday season.
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